(KITV) City giving assistance to 4,000 struggling O’ahu residents through cash card


The City and County of Honolulu is giving about 4,000 struggling Oahu residents $500 through cash cards.

It’s called the Our City card and people who already received direct hardship relief will get it in the mail sometime next week.

They can use the funds for food and basic household necessities at grocery and convenience stores.

Funds expire December 27th but the City says people should still hold on to the card after that.

“If better angels prevail in Congress, perhaps they will continue or extend the CARES Act money that would otherwise lapse or perhaps there will be additional funds in which case we’ll look at. This card will not go away I believe. This card will be used in the future. For me it could be a card that you could give to homeless individuals to buy food, it could be a card given to people when a hurricane is coming to stock up on 14 days of food. It could be used for people impacted by a disaster, flooding. Afterwards this card can be used to help them buy blue tarp to cover their roofs from leaking,” Mayor Caldwell said.

The city says funds from the card will not affect other income eligibility for programs with the state Department of Human Services.

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