Tips for Cyber Monday: Don’t let hackers ruin your online shopping experience


Cyber Monday, traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. With COVID restrictions pushing businesses and shoppers online, security experts say hackers have more ways to steal your information.

To protect yourself from a cyberattack, update your computer software and consider installing antivirus software to secure your home network and devices.

Second, beware of emails or coupons from suspicious or misspelled email addresses, especially if the deals sound too good to be true. When entering bank information, look for sites with multi-factor authentication.

“A lot of online retailers especially larger ones have implemented technologies to help protect against compromise or social attack by having consumers enter in two passwords. So you enter in the password you know and then you’ll get a text with additional information you have to put in another password field, and then you can gain access,” said Kelly Ueoka, president of local IT solutions provider Pacxa. 

Other ways to protect yourself — don’t share personal information over public wi-fi, and check your bank and credit card statements regularly for any suspicious activity.

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