Mayor Caldwell provides an update on the city’s free COVID-19 testing program


“There’s parts of our country where you can’t find a test, let alone have it free. In this case it is free, just show up. You don’t need a doctor’s slip to get a test, just get tested,” Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

A reminder from Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell on Monday that free surge testing across the island runs for another ten days.

This second round of testing started with 28,000 tests on-hand back on October 15th since the Mayor says nearly 12,000 tests have been administered.

“We have ten more days folks, ten more days, to use up these 16,000 or so surge tests, use them up, we can do it. It require you stepping forward and getting tested. Particularly as we head into the holiday season. All you need is a state ID, drivers license or passport if you have one, you can register at,” Mayor Caldwell said.

Last week Mayor Caldwell said he hoped to ease restrictions and advance the city’s strategic recovery plan into Tier 4 but the numbers remain too high.

Mayor Caldwell still believes it can be done by Christmas.

“It really depends on what we do and how we act. What we do and how we act is going to have a serious impact on how we enter the holidays and how we close out this year,” Mayor Caldwell said.

And as the number of visitors continues to rise, Mayor Caldwell says he agrees with Kaua’i County Mayor Derek Kawakami that they want all passengers to have a negative test-result before boarding a plane.

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