Councilmember Manahan’s Staff Helps to Promote Reading and sharing Kindness

DA Makalapa

Staff members from Councilmember Joey Manahan’s office responded to request for readers for Makalapa Elementary Schools annual Read Aloud & Career day on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.  This year’s theme was “Be Kind” focusing on kindness and respecting one another and how those values are shared in our careers and in our personal life.

Chief of Staff, Radiant Cordero and Community Liaison, Dennis Arakaki, shared highlights of their careers in government service and how important reading is to their work.  They also offered a glimpse of what it is like to serve in government and working to improve conditions in the City and County of Honolulu and their neighborhoods.  Cordero and Arakaki also shared how important it is to develop partnerships and work together with all parts of the community making it relevant to the students who came from military families and long-time residents.

Cordero read to the Kindergartners who were excited and enthusiastic, while Arakaki read to fifth graders who were responsive and inquisitive.Untitled

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