(KHON 2) City removes bulky trash pileups, but for how long?

(Source: KHON 2)

City removes bulky trash pileups, but for how long?


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Some residents in Liholiho Street in Makiki say they’re relieved, after illegally dumped trash piles that have lined their streets and blocked their sidewalks are finally cleared.

“We just heard the trucks pull up and started pulling all the trash in,” said Ashley Greene, a resident who lives in the area.

They say the trash was left there for more than three weeks, and they’re glad it’s finally gone.

“I have my sidewalk again,” said Matthew Hamilton, another resident. “It looks beautiful, and its easier to walk. It’s very nice.”

City Council Member Carol Fukunaga’s office said they sent the City and County of Honolulu a letter noting all the bulky item dumping spots that residents have complained about.

They say the City told them that seven bulky item trash piles were cleaned up, and now Liholiho Street is added to that list.

However, even though these have been cleared, new trash piles on Kunawai Lane and on Alewa Drive have popped up.

“People don’t always have the resources or the money to take the rubbish to the dump,” said Makiki resident Marko Obradovic.

While the City may have removed some bulky item dumping spots, it may not do it again.

In a statement, the City and County Department Environmental Services Deputy Director Timothy Houghton said:

“Removing illegally dumped items is contradictory to the goal of changing behavior. We want residents to see and learn from the green stickers, which indicate the items are illegally dumped or placed without an appointment.We will work to educate citizens to make the responsible decision, remove the material and properly dispose of it at a convenience center or transfer station or through an appointment.”


As for people living on Liholiho street, they say they believe the clear sidewalks won’t last because it is known as a frequent dumping area.

“Enjoy it while it lasts, because come the beginning of next month again, if there’s no notification, no nothing, people are just going to continue doing it,” said Greene.

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