KHON2: HART CEO optimistic after meeting FTA officials

(Source: KHON2)

September 24, 2018

HONOLULU (KHON2) – The head of HART is optimistic following a meeting with federal transit administration officials Monday.

“I am very happy that the FTA recognizes the efforts of the HART ohana to perform the hard work and due diligence necessary to complete the Project within our existing budget and current schedule,” said HART Executive Director Andrew Robbins. “The meeting today was productive for all parties.”

It comes just days after the FTA sent a scathing letter about the rail project.

In the letter the FTA estimates that the cost of project is actually $134 million higher than projected.

That takes the cost to just under $8.3 billion.

HART’s repeated difficulties with identifying cost savings or sufficient funding have led to significant, recurring project schedule delays and cost increases.

-K.Jane Williams
Acting Administrator
Federal Transit Administration

HART’s executive director says to keep rail on time and on budget, it’s looking to utilize a private-public partnership for the remainder of the project as well as for long term operations and maintenance.

That proposal will be heard by HART’s board of directors on Thursday.

To see the complete FTA letter, click here.

Via: KHON2

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