Hawaii News Now: City Council considers restricted parking zones in congested neighborhoods

(Source: Hawaii News Now)

September 20, 2018

By: Mileka Lincoln

The City Council is considering allowing neighborhoods to apply for restricted parking zones to ensure limited spots don't get taken by non-residents

Do you live in a neighborhood where the street parking is so limited that by the time you come home, all the spots are gone — and usually by vehicles belonging to people who don’t even live there?

That’s exactly what used to happen along the Wilson Tract in Kalihi until the City and County turned it into a restricted parking zone or RPZ.

It’s such a success, a survey found 98.8 percent of the residents who live there support the permit-only parking zone.

Now the City Council Budget Committee has advanced a measure that will allow similar restrictions in other areas of Oahu.

Bill 70 was introduced by Councilwoman Carol Fukunaga, who says her goal is to ease congestion in residential areas near high demand parking locations — like universities or hospitals.

The bill would require a community requesting an RPZ to include at least four contiguous blocks and have the support from the majority of residents living there.

If approved, each eligible dwelling — whether it’s a single family home or apartment unit — would receive up to four permits and visitor permits would also be issued.

Petitioners can ask for whatever restrictions they like, either limiting parking during specific times of the day or a 24-hour period for certain days a week.

The key is: The community has to petition for the RPZ. The council won’t be selecting the neighborhoods themselves and ultimately the Department of Transportation Services will have the final say.

There are a few qualifications that will be taken into consideration, including whether 75 percent or more of the available street parking is typically taken and if at least 35 percent of those vehicles do not belong to residents of that area.

Via: Hawaii News Now

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