Kalihi Water System Improvements, Part III project has announced the work schedule

Preliminary work will begin on November 3, and the project is scheduled to be completed around May 2017.  The construction area includes replacing water main on Puuhale Road, Bannister Street, Gulick Avenue, Kopke Street, Stanley Street, and Waterhouse Street. 

If Councilmember Manahan’s constituents have questions or concerns they can call the BWS Construction Section at 748-5730.

You can refer to the attached for the road closure dates:

Phase 1 to begin on November 3, 2015
Phase 2 to begin on January 5, 2016
Phase 3 to begin on June 7, 2016
Phase 4 and 5 to being on July 8, 2016
Phase 6 to begin on March 10, 2017
Phase 7 to begin on November 18, 2016
Phase 8 to begin on March 13, 2017

The completion dates for each phase is left open because at this point it is difficult to determine any unforeseen circumstances in the field.

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