Honolulu Best Buy donates fans to Farrington High School

(Via Hawaii News Now)

As students continue to suffer from the scorching heat at school, the community has started to take action while the State Department of Education works to find solutions to cool down the classrooms. 

Best Buy Honolulu has donated its first batch of 31 fans to Farrington High School after Hawaii News Now stories and editorials have aired about public schools on Oahu sweltering without air conditioning. 

Best Buy general manager, Sean Oliver had reached out to KFVE’s general manager John Fink questioning how he could help out. 

Farrington High School was chosen specifically because of a recent segment Fink had done on the school, which aired Monday. 

The heat has gotten so distracting that a Farrington High school teacher had put up pieces of paper along the windows, to help block the sunshine from radiating in the room. 

Best Buy has delivered four fans on Friday but will deliver the rest on Monday, August 24.

According to Principal Al Carganilla, for now the fans will help to cool down 15 of the classrooms total, 2 in each room. 

He also expressed how this will affect the students. 

“I think with donations like these, it can go a long way and making sure our kids feel comfortable and that learning can occur in our classrooms,” said Carganilla. 

As of now, Farrington High School only has air conditioning in one-fifth of the school. 

Best Buy Honolulu Supervisor, Austin Ames hopes that this is only the first step in seeing more involvement from the community. 

“For us, it’s ultimately just trying to do whatever we can in the community to try and get kids to be able to focus and do well, so I think that’s the real impact we’re trying to create,” said Ames. 

Earlier this week, 54 fans were donated to help cool classrooms in the Ewa Beach area.

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