City seeks bids for fence to be built at Kapalama canal

(Via KHON)

Changes may be coming to an area battling a growing homeless problem.

KHON2 has learned the city plans to build a fence along both sides of the Kapalama canal.

The city says the fence will protect people from accidentally falling into the canal, and it will also prevent trash from being dumped in the water.

Area Councilman Joey Manahan says the fence will also be a mark of city property.

“There was a question about the grassy parts beyond the sidewalks where the banks of the canal are, where the tents are pitched whether that would have been covered by the sit lie ordinance or not. The suggestion came from the department head/director Sasamura to put up a fence so that if any body attached their – basically, it would clearly delineate that that is city property,” said Manahan.

It would cost between $240 to $300,000 to build a fence along the canal.

Bids were due Friday.

KHON2 will follow up to see if the project moves forward.

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