Report: Pearl Harbor’s golf ball-shaped radar is “$2.2-billion flop”

(Via Hawaii News Now\)

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s giant Sea-Based X-Band Radar is a “$2.2-billion flop,” according to an investigation into missile defense technologies by the Los Angeles Times. 

For years, the golf-ball shaped radome was billed as having the largest phased-array radar in the world. Agency spokespersons described the device as being so powerful it could track a baseball-sized object from nearly 3,000 miles away, making it a powerful tool in the event of a foreign missile attack.

Not so, the Los Angeles Times says, claiming the radar’s field of vision it so narrow “it would be of little use” should the United States or her allies be subject to such an attack.

At 28 stories tall, the radar is clearly visible to Oahu residents who live, work or commute miles from its docking station at Ford Island. The report indicates the reason the radar remains so visible is that “it spends most of the year mothballed at Pearl Harbor.”

Said one expert to the L.A. Times: “It should never have been built.”

The report examined the Sea-Based X-Band Radar as one of several “unworkable” defense systems, saying the U.S. Missile Defense Agency has spent nearly $10 billion dollars over the past ten years on programs that had to be “either killed or sidelined.”

To read the entire report from the Los Angeles Times, click here.

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