To maintain or rebuild Aloha Stadium? — The longer we wait for decision, the higher the price tag becomes

(Via KITV)

Pay more than $200 million to maintain Aloha Stadium or use that money to build a new smaller stadium.  That’s a few of the options stadium officials received from consultants.

Aloha Stadium will need safety and maintenance repairs soon and that’s going to cost quite a bit of money.

Officials are looking at the idea of building a smaller stadium at an estimated range of $134 million to $300 million.  That stadium would have only 30,000 to 35,000 seats compared to the current capacity of 50,0000.  Consultants say the cost of doing nothing will be even more than taking action soon.

“If we look at what the annual construction escalation is, it’s at 12 percent right now.  So, the longer we delaying in making or addressing the difficult questions, the higher the price tag becomes,” said Aloha Stadium Manager Scott Chan.

If that rate of increase in construction costs continues and nothing is done in the next six years, the cost to just maintain the stadium will nearly double to a whopping $400 million.

Officials say they are still in an idea phase and no decision has been made yet.

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