Farrington High breaks ground on first phase of master plan renovation

(Via KHON)
Farrington High School
Farrington High School

Parts of Farrington High School are about to under go a major facelift.

Ground was broken during a school-wide ceremony Monday in the first phase of the school’s master plan project.

This phase includes renovation of the football field and track, addition of bleachers and a new locker room.

The multi-phase, multi-year plan includes renovating the historic Building A that was constructed in 1936. There are also other the completion of the auditorium and upgrading the library to allow for modern technology.

“We say it’s going to benefit our football program, our soccer and our track, (physical education) and all of you, but really it branches out further into our community where we can reach out and help our partners and share the stadium with them,” said principal Al Carganilla.

The first phase of this project is expected to be completed by March of next year.

Work to fix the school’s auditorium, which has been boarded up for more than two years after the roof collapsed during heavy rain, will start next month.

The following renderings are provided by the Dept. of Education:



Farrington High School
Farrington High School

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