What’s going on with the flashing traffic light at Honolulu airport?

(Via KHON)

You may have noticed traffic lights that flash yellow non-stop while going to the Honolulu International Airport. The lights have been like that for nearly a year.

The lights at the bottom of the H-1 freeway airport off-ramps were turned on last May and were supposed to help ease traffic, but the state has never fully activated the lights, leaving them flashing yellow rather than green and red.

KHON2 News wanted to know why they haven’t been turned on yet?

“We feel like the blinking lights are sufficient there isn’t the need to have a full stop light at this point of the airport facility right now,” said Department of Transportation spokesperson Tim Sakahara.

The lights were installed in May 2014. Originally there were some issues with syncing the lights so the Department of Transportation kept them flashing yellow.

So when will the lights be fully activated?

The DOT says that will happen in May 2015 which is one year after they were installed.

“This is one of those situations where all the lights will be synced up. It’s something our engineers have been studying and working on so that once they do switch that switch it will be efficient,” said Sakahara.

The lights were installed to address safety issues created by vehicles weaving and merging through that section of the roadway.

The DOT says once it finishes constructing a new interim rental car facility at the airport, which is scheduled to be done in 2017, the lights will be even more beneficial.

So the question is do the lights work if they’re just blinking? That answer is yes.

The lights can actually be turned on to flash red and green as well right now, but the DOT says there’s no need at the moment.

“Having them off versus blinking right now isn’t necessarily a cost saving,they’re up and running, it’s actually a good safety feature,” said Sakahara.

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