International parking structure level closures at Honolulu International Airport begin

(Via KHON)

Starting Saturday, three levels of the international parking structure will be closed for six days.

The state Department of Transportation is putting in new energy efficient lights in the parking structures.

The work then moves to the inter-island terminal next Saturday, Feb. 7.

For that terminal the state will only be shutting down one floor at a time but that’ll last for over a month.

On top of all this, much of the overseas parking lot is still closed as the DOT works to build a new rental car facility.

“I’d imagine on Monday morning when everyone is flying out it is going to be a lot crazier. It is hard enough in here as it is. I will just cross my fingers when I come for parking. (laughs),” said Hawaii Kai resident Alan Jeter.

Reserved stalls, handicap stalls and e-vehicle charging stations will remain open during the closures.

The DOT says there should be enough stalls to meet the demand from travelers but it’s still probably a good idea to head to the airport early to find parking.

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