City holds workshop for transit-oriented development near airport

(Via KHON)

airport area
The city wants your input on a transit-oriented development plan near Honolulu International Airport.

The Department of Planning and Permitting will hold its second community workshop on Monday, Feb. 2, at Aliamanu Middle School’s cafeteria, 3271 Salt Lake Boulevard, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The Airport Area TOD Plan will focus on the areas around the rail stations planned at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu International Airport and Lagoon Drive. The DPP will be seeking input on the preservation of the area’s industrial core, and if residential development is appropriate in the station areas.

Other concepts include:

  • Safe pedestrian crossings of Nimitz Highway and other major roadways
  • Bus and bicycle connections to rail stations
  • Improvements to Keehi Lagoon Park

The Airport Area TOD Plan is one of eight neighborhood plans being developed by the DPP for 19 stations along the city’s 20-mile rail transit line that will lay out the foundation for improvements in the area.

Click here for more information on the airport-area plan and click here to view other neighborhood plans.

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