Airport businesses and airlines adjust to Blue Angels practice

(Via KHON)

The Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron was up in the air again Friday afternoon in order to prepare for this weekend’s shows and, compared to the previous day, there were no flight cancellations.

On Friday, Hawaiian Airlines adjusted its flight schedule, hoping to avoid a repeat of Thursday’s rolling delays.

A spokesperson told KHON2 that the adjustments will last through Sunday and that the airline will be monitoring flights closely.

In the afternoon, KHON2 caught up with passengers who were heading to Pago Pago in American Samoa, the only Hawaiian Airlines flight scheduled to leave Honolulu during the no-fly time.

Their flight was supposed to leave at 4:45 p.m., but was pushed back about a half-hour.

“It’s an inconvenience,” said passenger Molita Pouesi. “We’re going to get home a little bit later, but it’s nice to know that they notified us first by phone text.”

“I was notified via email that I used when I booked my ticket online,” said passenger Lina Matau, “that there was going to be a delay, and I saw it also on the news last night.”

The temporary flight restrictions aren’t just affecting airlines, but also businesses.

For Novictor Aviation, that means cancelling two helicopter tours each day there’s a restriction. The owner said that because of that, the company is losing an average of $1,800 a day.

“It’s quite a lot of money, definitely,” said business owner Nicole Vandelaar. “It’s a big deal.”

Although it’s costing her business, Vandelaar said she welcomes the Blue Angels.

“As a businesswoman, it’s a pain, but you know, as an aviator, it’s wondrous. It’s amazing. So we’re excited they’re here and we really support the air show,” she said.

“I love the military,” Matua said, “and good luck to those guys that are flying tomorrow.”

The Department of Transportation told KHON2 that businesses and airlines were notified well in advance.

The no-fly restrictions will continue Saturday and Sunday.

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