15th Wing hosts Caring for People Forum at joint base

(Via Ho’okele News)

Master Sgt. Michael Stephens, 15th Maintenance Squadron Munitions Flight chief and Caring for People Forum facilitator, leads a group discussion.

Story and photo by Tech. Sgt. Terri Paden

15th Wing Public Affairs

The child development centers (CDC) were the focus of the Caring for People Forum that took place Aug. 28 at the Earhart Community Center at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH).

During the forum, members of the community had an opportunity to voice their opinions and talk directly to CDC leadership and subject matter experts about issues which directly impact their families.

Dr. Kimberly Moore, child and youth programs (CYP) regional manager, said the goal of the forum was to make sure parents are ultimately happy with the quality of service their children receive from the CYP.

“Our mission is to make sure your children are safe so you can focus on and do your mission. That’s why we’re here,” Moore said.

“We’re here to make sure parents have peace of mind when they go to work. If they are worried about their children or what’s going on at the CDC or with their family, they won’t be able to put 110 percent of themselves into their job,” she said.

Now that the forum is over, the top six issues will be channeled up through the CDC, 15th Wing and JBPHH leadership for resolution.

“I hope attendees walked away from the forum today with questions answered and myths dispelled and that our staff walked away with new ideas for programs and services,” Moore said.

She explained that larger issues brought up during the discussions could result in policy changes, Air Force instruction changes or even Congressional consideration, hearings and new legislature.

“I think that this forum is so helpful and different than other grievance processes because of its structure,” she said.

“It’s a guided discussion, has tangible results, and a positive focus which really allows us to look at what people really need and want.”

According to Moore, another benefit of the CfP Forum is that it could give parents answers to questions they may not have known they had.

“This is a chance for us to educate our parents,” she said. “Someone may ask a personal question that gives someone else information also. The forum allows for a behind the scenes look at the program which may not be apparent to some people when they’re just dropping off and picking up their children.”

Tiffany Dailey, one of the forum attendees, said she found having the CDC leadership present for the discussion to be particularly beneficial.

“People were actually here to listen to our issues and ask our opinion,” she said. “It was different than just voicing our concerns into a dead end process because people who work at the CDC were actually here to hear them and answer questions … [it] makes me feel like my concerns matter.”

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