Commitment to security/safety starts with you

(Via Ho’okele News)

Capt. Douglas Holderman

Chief Staff Officer, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Security on a military base is still among the most important missions on that base. It includes awareness against real threats of terrorism, espionage and personal security and safety.

Too often a loss of focus or being distracted from our mission can allow real, large-scale events to occur.

Real security is born from deterrence and vigilance; who looks hard and who is always looking out to see who is watching?

Vigilance is part of our everyday culture, from the checking of ID cards to observing those who might be trying to observe us.

Individual, personal security is built on the same principles. The handicap comes from the belief that someone else will report it and in not wanting to get involved. When it comes to your base, everyone is a spotter. When it comes to yourself—well, the reality is you have the most to gain from your continued vigilance.

Making the right decisions ensures personal security. Being aware of your surroundings and what is happening in your sphere of influence is just the beginning of this security posture.

Knowing a little bit about the area you are operating in is also a big help. For instance, thieves consider a mall parking lot a target rich environment. It takes one second to walk up to a back seat window, break it out and two more seconds to grab everything in the back seat and leave. They check “the haul” somewhere else, dump what they don’t want in a dumpster and go back for another round. They can hit ten to twelve cars in an hour and leave, never getting caught or seen.

Home security comes in the forms of not leaving your car unlocked or items (wallets, cell phones, purses etc.) sitting in them. It also means things like ensuring bikes and other items are put away or secured when not in use, securing the garage door and locking house doors.

In much the same way, personal safety depends on individual vigilance, prevention and making the right choices. That’s a good thing to keep in mind this Labor Day weekend.

A commitment to safety and security is everyone’s job and it starts with awareness and preventive action.

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