Pedestrian safety emphasized in safety campaign

(Via KHON)

pedestrian safety

Three pedestrians have been killed in a five-month span along a busy portion of North King Street.

That’s why police, the AARP and the mayor were out near Gulick Avenue today sign-waving, reminding motorists not only to look out for pedestrians, but also with a message for anyone crossing a street.

“Well, we grew up looking both ways,” said Crystal Lee of Walk Wise Hawaii, “but we’re telling people now to look left, look right, and look left again and continue looking until we’re done crossing the street.”

And Honolulu police is serious about cracking down on jaywalking, issuing more than 1,300 tickets so far this year.

That’s not all. Law enforcement officers across the state are also cracking down on impaired driving as part of the national “drive sober or get pulled over” campaign.

Through Sept. 1, police will be setting up checkpoints to catch drivers under the influence. Officials say it’s not just alcohol that will get you in trouble — those driving while impaired by drugs and prescription medications could also land behind bars.

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