Navy Exchange revises policy to allow food purchases by civilians

(Via Ho’okele News)

NEXCOM has revised its current internal policy to allow Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, contractors and authorized base visitors to purchase consumable food items at all NEX locations. This aligns with the overarching DoD policy as well as the policies of the other military exchanges. The policy change will be effective Sept. 1.

The Armed Services Exchange Regulations (ASER) authorizes civilian workers and visitors to military installations to purchase “all food and beverages at any exchange food activity, if consumed on base.”

Traditionally, NEXCOM has limited purchases by these individuals to NEX food courts, restaurants and other locations where food sales were the primary focus. Current guidance, however, supports a more expanded application, including any NEX facility that sells food items as a meal or snack item and also non-alcoholic beverages which can be consumed on base.

The food and beverages authorized for sale include non-alcoholic carbonated/noncarbonated beverages and all food items that will be consumed on the installation (such as snacks, single-serve items, microwavable items, etc.). Applicable product sizes must be considered with the focus on single serve or packaging contents that may be reasonably consumed while on the base. This policy specifically excludes the sale of alcohol, tobacco and all other items.

Army Air Force Exchange and Marine Corps Exchanges already allow civilians to purchase food and beverages from all their exchange locations.

In locations outside of the contiguous U.S., access and sales are subject to the limitations imposed by the host government.

Seventy percent of NEX profits are returned to Sailors and their families in the form of dividends to support MWR quality of life programs. Since 1946, NEX has contributed more than $2.3 billion to MWR.

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