HART unveils plans for rail station at Honolulu International Airport

(Via KHON)

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation unveiled Wednesday designs for the Honolulu rail system’s station at Honolulu International Airport.

The future station site will be built along Ala Auana Street between the overseas and international parking structures.

“That would be an extremely big convenience for any tourist I would imagine to be able to do that,” said visitor Marilyn Lopiti.

“I get here to the airport and guess what. The parking is full because everyone else is going to the neighbor islands too,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “What a relief it’s going to be when in 2019, five years from today, instead folks — local folks who live on this island — can instead take the train to the airport.”

Officials say the station will be elevated, with sky bridges connecting to the parking garages and access to the international and inter-island terminals.

Oahu Transit Service head Roger Morton told KHON2 there is much work to be done to figure out the bus to train to airport transfer with passengers luggage in tow, but transportation officials say it is possible.

The Department of Transportation Services says it will work with HART to ensure city buses and rail offer the same accommodations.

honolulu international airport rail site
Site of the future rail station at Honolulu International Airport

“We don’t want the system to break down,” said department director Mike Formby. “It’s bus and rail. So once HART comes up with their specifications, we’ll work with them to make sure it works on bus as well.”

“We actually visited New York and we were able to get on and off the bus and the trains with our bags and so that was a good idea,” said Lopiti.

Public meetings will be held later this summer for the community to participate in design discussions. Details have yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, the Department of Planning and Permitting will hold the first of several community workshops for residents and businesses to create the Airport Area Transit-Oriented Development Plan.

The workshop is set for Tuesday, July 22, at the Aliamanu Elementary School Cafeteria, 3265 Salt Lake Boulevard, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The plan will focus on the areas around the rail stations planned at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu International Airport and Lagoon Drive.

The completed plan will will address local issues related to land use, circulation, infrastructure and community character, and provide a guide for future public and private investment in the neighborhood.

Additional renderings provided by HART:

2014-Airport Station_Terminal Perspective2014-Airport Station_Aerial Perspective-Labels_resized_4

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