JBPHH to broadcast morning and evening colors over giant voice on July 14

(Via Ho’okele News)

Beginning July 14, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam will commence the playing of colors in the morning and evening over the basewide giant voice mass notification system sirens. The broadcast of colors—a patriotic song or national anthem—played when the flag is raised and lowered on military bases, will take place every morning at 8 a.m. and again in the evening at sunset.

Colors will sound on the entire Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, including its annexes in Wahiawa, Lualualei, and West Loch. Colors may also be heard in neighborhoods surrounding the base where giant voice sirens are nearby.

For morning colors, a preprogrammed bugle will sound at 7:55 a.m. to alert that colors will commence in five minutes. At exactly 8 a.m., a pre-recorded song of the national anthem will be played, followed by a “carry-on” bugle to indicate that the playing of the anthem is complete and personnel may resume their activities. In the event there are visiting foreign ships in port, their nation’s national anthems will also be played (maximum of three anthems).

For evening colors, a bugle warning will sound about five minutes before sunset, followed by the playing of “retreat” at sunset.

During colors, it is required that you stop what you are doing. Personnel should stop, face the direction of the flagpole or music, and stand until the music stops. This also applies when other foreign national anthems are played. Military personnel shall render a salute if in uniform. If wearing a hat, it is customary to remove it. Drivers are required to stop their vehicles and wait for colors to end before resuming driving.

One thought on “JBPHH to broadcast morning and evening colors over giant voice on July 14

  1. Is there a reason why the military bases are cranking up the volume? This is concerning about morning and evening colors. Thank you further regarding this issue. Mahalo.

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