Community voices opinions on proposal for a new stadium

(Via KHON)

Aloha Stadium
Aloha Stadium

Aloha Stadium is nearly 40 years old and is in need of repairs.

But is it time to build a new stadium? On Thursday the Stadium Authority heard from the public on the future of the facility after a consulting firm recommended that Hawaii build a new, smaller stadium at its current location.

The new facility would hold 30-to-35,000 people. The study says that the state could save up to $2.3 million in operating expenses, if a new stadium is built on the lower Halawa parking lot.

“You know, the Stadium Authority is trying to take this from a blank slate point of view and we’re really trying to let the public kind of steer and drive what happens with the stadium,” said Kika Bukoski, member of the Stadium Authority.

Residents expressed their opinions including Robert Anderson of Aiea.

“I think if we just support the team and give them the backing and get back to that successful team and program and a season, I think we can bring the fans back. and that will generate the revenue where we can upkeep the stadium, keep it going,” said Anderson.

Nothing has been finalized yet. The new stadium is projected to cost between $132 to $192 million.

The Stadium Authority was ordered by the attorney general’s office to pay for a four-phase study on the future of Aloha Stadium.

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