City improves lighting at dangerous intersection

(Via KHON)

After several pedestrian accidents in Kalihi, including a recent death, the city is stepping in to prevent another tragedy. Last week, 55-year-old Dominador Aguilar was struck and killed in a crosswalk at the corner of King St. and Richards Lane. People there say the area is too dark and drivers don’t pay attention to the crosswalk. “We are going to be taking some interim action, starting in the next couple of days,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell, “and that is to put up street lights that provide better illumination than the ones that are there.” The city currently has lights at most crosswalks, but according to the mayor, they are the older ones, which don’t give off good lighting towards the street. The solution? Mayor Caldwell said that “they are going to be LED lights. As you know, we are going to be doing this around the island, but at these critical intersections, short-term.” And for Ramon Nicdau, who works across the street from one of these critical intersections, it will be a welcome sight. “It will make the place safer,” he said, “especially for the pedestrians, and we will appreciate that once they implement those changes.” Not wanting to wait, the city acted today, adding in all, 5 LED lights to Richards, Gulick and Kopke Sts. in the Kalihi area. “You will see those improvements,” said Mike Formby of the Dept. of Transportaion, “then we will go back and study and see how it helps during night time or early morning conditions. “It’s a win-win on all sides. We’re just doing it a little quicker here because of the request by Councilman Joey Manahan and, of course, the community asking and given the three accidents.” The city plans to replace more than 51,000 street lights across the island.

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