Summer safety advice for RIMPAC participants

(Via Ho’okele News)

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) is en route to Hawaii for Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014. U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Dustin Kelling

Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs


Hawaii summer is practically year-round. Sun, warm weather, beaches, mountains, volcanoes and tropical forests attract outdoors enthusiasts from all over the world, but for military service members visiting for RIMPAC or living here, it is especially important to maintain outdoor safety awareness.

Here are some tips to keep safe while enjoying outdoor activities in Hawaii:

* Always use sunscreen outdoors to avoid sunburn.

* Take plenty of water to stay hydrated and look for beach shade.

* Research planned outdoor activities and develop a risk-prevention strategy before venturing out.

* Make sure you have the proper skills and training before participating in any sport and remember to play at your level. Use the proper protective gear for the particular sport you are playing to lessen the chances of being injured.

* Unseen dangers can occur for those who enjoy hiking trips. Trails become very slick when wet, so stay on marked trails.

* Wear proper footwear and, for water sport activities, obey posted signs for ocean currents and talk to the lifeguards who may know something particular about that location. Search for online jellyfish warnings.

* While swimming or engaging in any other outdoor activity, don’t let peer pressure get you into a situation for which you are not trained and conditioned.

* If hiking, things to bring are a medical kit, water and emergency supplies in case it gets dark or in case of heavy rains, as well as having a fully charged cell phone. Bring a friend to hike with you, rather than hiking alone.

* When kayaking, always have a life vest.

* Avoid alcohol consumption when engaging in potentially dangerous outdoor activities.

For more information, visit on summer safety resources and for safe and fun summer activities.

(Editor’s note: Ho’okele recently published two articles on summer safety in the May 23 and June 13 issues. Visit the following links to read the articles: http:/ / http://www.hookelen tips-for-summer-safety/ and http:/ / military-urged-to-stay-safe-while-enjoying-summer-activities/ .)

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