RIMPAC begins this week, garage doors may not open

(Via KHON)

RIMPAC (File photo)
RIMPAC (File photo)

The U.S. Navy is warning the public about potential effects from the annual RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercise.

Dozens of ships from nearly two dozen countries are arriving in Pearl Harbor this week to participate in humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and maritime security operations training.

RIMPAC 2014 begins Thursday and will last for five weeks.

During that time, officials warn, remotely operated garage door openers may not work. The Navy says openers can be affected by electromagnetic activity generated by Navy ships.

Homeowners are encouraged to check with their garage door company to ensure the opener will function properly. If it fails to work, drivers may have to remove the opener from their sun visor and point it directly at the door, open and close their doors manually or consider other options for a short time.

Officials also say, with 25,000 participants coming to Hawaii, noise, crowds and traffic will increase in the last week of June and through the end of July.

According to the Hawaii Dept. of Business and Economic Development and Tourism, the initial economic benefit for RIMPAC 2014 is projected to be $52.5 million, based on the number of exercise participants and their time in port.

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