Contaminated Radford High School soil discovered at sites

(Via KITV)

Danger sign

HONOLULU —The contaminated soil from Radford High school’s track has unknowingly ended up at a residence in Kaneohe and at a construction lot in Kapolei.

State health officials said prior to the shutdown of construction at the school, it discovered the contractor hauled truckloads of the soil laced with heavy metals and toxic chemicals offsite.

Heath officials say they got a call from a homeowner this month who was concerned the backfill at his home was unsafe.

The contractor MEI Construction tracked down the trucking companies who led investigators to the two sites.

“We have some indication that a couple of truckloads went to a home in Kaneohe. That has been capped and controlled, so there is no exposure there. We have some indication that a number of truckloads was taken out to Kapolei where it is being stockpiled. So, we are controlling that site as well, so nothing leaves that site,” said Gary Gill, Deputy Environmental Health Director.

“Once we determined there was soil taken to two other spots, we tested that and once we determined that was contaminated, we contained it,” said Ray LaReux, Department of Education Superintendent.

The Navy has hired two environmental clean-up companies to begin remediating the track once school is out at the end of the month.

The state says the Navy will likely pick up the tab for the soil cleanup at the two other sites as well.

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