Part of OCCC to be tented for bedbugs, inmates to be relocated temporarily

(Via KHON)

The Dept. of Public Safety said it will tent a portion of Oahu Community Correctional Center in an effort to eradicate a bedbug infestation.

Module 20 houses up to 120 work furlough inmates when at capacity. The inmates leave for work and return every day to Module 20.

Because it is a transient population, it’s not uncommon for bedbugs to be brought back into the facility, officials said.

The tenting is tentatively scheduled from May 15-17. Inmates will be relocated to other parts of the facility.

“This is not a simple operation. Besides tenting the module, we will be relocating approximately 100 inmates to other areas in the facility and replacing some furniture,” said Deputy Director of Corrections Max Otani. “Tenting alone isn’t enough. We are making every effort to keep the bugs from coming back.”

Steps have been taken over the past month to kill the bugs including using sprays, replacing mattresses and bedding, creating sanitation protocols and enforcing hygiene maintenance, officials said.

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