OCCC finds solution in bed bug battle

(Via KITV)

Oahu Community Correctional Center has found a solution as it battles against a bed bug problem.

Click here to watch Kenny Choi’s report.

A prison guard says that in some rooms bed bugs fall from the ceiling.

One section of OCCC, module 20, is creating a big headache for those in charge of 1,300 prisoners in the correctional center. Module 20 houses 110 work furlough prisoners who come in and out of prison for work and to visit family.

OCCC officials believe some prisoners could be bringing in the bed bugs.

“In the other facilities, even in the housing areas here, inmates are housed in cells which would be easy to contain and fumigate. We could easily fumigate a certain cell, but being in a dorm-type setting we have 60 inmates living in one wing of the dorm. It’s difficult to control at this time,” said Deputy Director of Correction Max Otani.

Tenting and fumigation is expected in that section for two next week. It’s something prison officials say they’ve never done before.

A contractor has been hired for $12,000 to fumigate the module 20 section.

In the meantime, the prisoners have been relocated to other sections of the correctional center.

Officials are unsure of how many prisoners have been infected, but say they know a great number have been bitten.

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