Damien senior uses ukulele as instrument for inspiration

(Via Hawaii News Now)

Damien Memorial School senior Nick Acosta is a lot of things: athlete, artist, college bound student and musician.

One thing he says he is not is handicapped.

“It was kind of tough because kids would ask me what happened,” Acosta said. “I didn’t want to talk about it because I didn’t think it was something to talk about”.

The thing he didn’t want to talk about was the fact that he was born without a right arm below the elbow. He’s had to adjust to speaking about it more these days because Acosta has become an inspiration to so many.

Since the age of 13, he’s been playing the ukulele. His skills have come so far along that he’s made countless public appearances,and has played on four different islands. He travels with his teacher and mentor Roy Sakuma.

“He brings me to some talk shows to talk to the kids,” Acosta said. “As long as you keep trying, put your heart into it, you can do anything.”

It’s an inspirational message, yet for Acosta, playing the ukulele is something far simpler.

“The ukulele brings me to my happy place,” he said. “Just forget about all the bad stuff in the world, what’s going on.”

Acosta knows he’ll keep playing the ukulele, but for now education is his priority.  He will attend Heald College in Honolulu in the fall to study electronics.

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