Damien Memorial School rocketry team seeks sponsor for national competition — First Hawaii rocketry team to be invited in 7 years

(Via KITV)

Damien Memorial School’s rocketry team is the first Hawaii rocketry team to be invited to nationals in seven years.

Click here to watch the live interview.

They qualified for the prestigious Team American Rocketry Challenge, but getting to this point wasn’t easy. In fact, no one thought the seven brainiacs on this rookie team were going anywhere because their first rocket exploded – literally.

“The first time we made it too heavy and it went down fast,” said Joshua Schaefers of the Damien school rocket team. “There’s a lot of math involved – a lot of factors – how to make it go up and how fast. We just experimented with a couple of things and after a few tries, we were able to get to the height we needed to.”

Now the team is on its way to America Rocketry Challenge in Virginia, but they need your help to get there.

If you can sponsor the team, contact Damien Memorial at (808) 841-0195.

Read more: http://www.kitv.com/news/damien-memorial-rocketry-team-fundraising-for-nationals/25709976#ixzz30Ip9h2i5

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