Men indicted on consipracy charges after gambling devices confiscated in Kalihi

(Via KHON)

Two men have been indicted on conspiracy charges after authorities found what they call “gambling devices,” in Kalihi last week.

Based on a grand jury indictment, law enforcement officers raided an establishment last Thursday and confiscated a number of the gaming machines.
Lo Van Ho and Thanh Bao Ho are listed on the indictment… charged with conspiracy in connection with the machines.

The charges involve a conspiracy to deposit money with a bank – deposits authorities say were intended to escape the scrutiny of federal authorities.

The charge is called “structuring.”

Court records show the two who were charged separately deposited large amounts of money into an account. But the amounts always fell below a$10,000 limit – a limit that was established because of anti-racketeering laws. Any deposit over $10,000 raises a red flag with federal regulators.

Authorities are accusing the two suspects with depositing nearly a half million dollars in banks over a 12-month period.

Sources say there could be more machine confiscations and arrests in the near future, involving other parties.

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