Permit scooters at the skatepark

(Via Ho’okele News)

Many skateboarders are annoyed at the presence of scooters at various skate parks. The sign at the blue skatepark on Hickam says that the park is intended for skateboards and roller blades only. Scooters and bicycles are not allowed. Although the original “cruise” scooters are not designed for ramps that might be at the skatepark, new pro scooters are designed for tricks and should be allowed at the skatepark. Whether you are on a scooter or a skateboard, you need to be safe, courteous and take turns.

The other day a skateboarder got mad at my friend and me because we were scootering at the skatepark. He told us that if we got in his way, he would call the police. We were taking turns and being courteous, but he was calling us names.

I can see why some skateboarders don’t like the original “cruise” scoot-ers. They are not designed for ramps, or for doing tricks. Some little kids get in the way of the ramps and the skateboarders and that could be unsafe.

I agree that bikes shouldn’t be at the park either because they are really big and bulky and get in other people’s way. Pro scooters, however, are more stable and have a wider handlebar compared to regular scooters. Unlike bikes, scooters take up the same amount of space as skateboards and use the same ramps.

Both skateboarding and scootering have safety concerns, but scootering is safer and scooters have more control. With scootering you need to be careful when you are doing tricks like a bry flip or tail whip when you swing the scooter. If you fall on a scooter, however, you are holding the handle and it will not roll into someone else. With skateboarding the skateboards can roll all over the place when the person falls off.

Both skateboarders and scooterers need to have courtesy. This includes not sitting on the ramps, not loitering, taking turns, and using nice language. If they changed the rules to include scooters, there would be less conflict between scooterers and skateboarders.

The sign at the blue skate park is out-of-date. The park should modify the rules to allow pro scooters. They are designed for ramps and doing tricks. They are just as safe as skateboards. Whether you ride a scooter or a skateboard, we can all benefit from this change.

Matthew Taylor, age 12
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

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