Arizona Memorial tickets are available for visitors

(Via KITV)

Arizona Memorial

Reports that visitors are being squeezed out of the Arizona Memorial by tour companies taking too many tickets online are false.

In fact, a trip Tuesday morning to the popular national park allowed KITV4 to get tickets to afternoon tours.

For the past three years, individuals planning a visit could go online and reserve up to 10 tickets for the free tours. Large groups or businesses could reserve up to 65 tickets. But the park always sets aside more than 50 percent of its 2000 available ticket to those who come to the Arizona Memorial in person.

“People can go online and see if there is anything available in the next week or so. But the best bet is if the tickets are not available online, to come to the park. We will accommodate you,” said Eileen Martinez of the National Park Service.

The online reservation system was set up to give visitors a chance to better plan their trips and also allow businesses a way to reserve daily spaces.

Martinez adds that tickets at the park are sometimes gone in just a few hours during busy days because there are more visitors than ever coming in. Last year alone, the Arizona Memorial had nearly two million visitors.

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