Caught on camera: Suspect sets truck on fire in Kalihi

(Via Ho’okele News)

A truck was destroyed in Kalihi after it was intentionally set on fire.

The suspect is still on the loose and may not know it was all caught on camera.

It happened just after 6 a.m. Saturday while it was still dark outside.

In the video, a white van is pulling up behind the pickup truck. About a minute later, the suspect breaks into the truck and opens the passenger door. The suspect then goes back into the van and takes off. Moments later, the truck goes up in flames.

“All I remember, my brother pounding on my door and he said, ‘Stu, wake up!’ And and I said, ‘Why? What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘Something burned your truck.’ So by that time, the Fire Department already put the fire out,” said Stuart Okamura, owner of the truck.

Okamura is trying to piece it all together. He says losing the truck is inconvenience since he uses it for work.

“I’m still kind of blank. I’m still kind of numb. Like holy smokes! From the look of the truck, it’s like, ‘Ho! It’s gone,’” Okamura said.

Okamura says security cameras were installed about five years ago after multiple break-ins were reported in the area. Neighbors say it’s been pretty quiet since then, up until Saturday morning.

We wanted to find out if Okamura had any enemies.

“No, that’s what the police asked me that. ‘You know anybody that would be mad at you? That would want to do to that?’ And I said, ‘I have no clue.’ I try to think. I don’t think so. I try to be nice to everybody,” Okamura said.

On Sunday, police gave him some new information.

“Well, from what I can understand, they said it’s not for sure, but they believe the van was stolen from a business down the street. They drove it over here. set my truck on fire, and used that as a diversion. Then they went and they robbed a business,” Okamura said.

Whether it’s an elaborate plan or just a random crime, he’s glad no one was injured.

“Does it worry you that this could happen to somebody else?” KHON2 asked.

“I would hope not. I wouldn’t want nobody else’s car to get burned like that. Yeah, I hope they do catch these guys. ‘Cause I wouldn’t like them to do it again,” Okamura said.

Police have opened an arson investigation.

If you witnessed the crime or think you might have any information that could lead to an arrest, you’re asked to call police.

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