Skateboarder in critical condition after being hit by car 13-year-old boy hospitalized

(Via KITV)

A teenager is fighting for his life, after being hit by car as he was riding a skateboard. It happened in Salt Lake, at the intersection of Salt Lake Boulevard and Maluna Street.

Click here to watch Brenton Awa’s report.

“It’s like a highway out here and they’re playing with their lives, it’s not worth it,” said Ernesto Meza, Salt Lake resident.

Salt Lake residents say they see it all the time, kids speeding through the neighborhood on skateboards and scooters. While they see this daily, these residents have never seen someone get hit until now.

“Riding down the hill, it’s not worth it. Life is short, there’s no reason to be riding down that hill at all,” said Meza.

Police say three kids were riding down Maluna Street and rolled into the intersection at Salt Lake Boulevard on a red light. Two cars that had the green stopped, a third car didn’t. That’s when the Dodge Durango hit one of the skateboarders, carrying him from one crosswalk to another, leaving him in critical condition. Medical responders took the 13-year-old to the hospital.

This isn’t the first time a skateboarder has crashed into a car in the area. Two years ago, an 11-year-old ended up in the hospital after colliding with a Handi-van just a couple of blocks away from Thursday’s scene. Some residents say people need to pay more attention to this problem.

“Wear a helmet and stay out of the street, your life isn’t worth it,” said Meza.

The two eastbound lanes of Salt Lake Boulevard were closed around 5 p.m. All lanes were reopened about two hours later.

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