Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard looking to hire more workers

(Via KHON)

In order to meet its increasing workload, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard says it needs to hire more people.

That’s good news for the hundreds of job seekers who showed up to Saturday’s career fair.

Workers manned the booths, explaining what the shipyard is all about.

“Since I’ve been with Pearl Harbor, I’ve been here almost every year to help out and share the word. Let other people know their opportunities,” said Anastasia Kritikos, a Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard worker.

Kritikos left her job in the hotel industry and was hired as an apprentice in 2008. She graduated in 2012 and is now an electronics mechanic.

She says there’s no greater opportunity on the island.

“Throughout the shipyard there are many women. And I think that’s an important point to point out that this is not just men that we’re looking for, the shipyard is looking to hire more men and women,” Kritikos said.

Workers are responsible for repairing and maintaining the Navy’s ships and submarines, making sure they’re fully fit to fight.

Each year, the shipyard hires between 100 and 150 workers including apprentices and engineers. This year is particularly important.

“One, our work load is growing. Two, we have a significant number of our shipyard personnel ready to retire. So we’re still in a transitioning phase to the next generation,” said Capt. Brian Osgood, U.S. Navy Commander at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard..

Candidates must also have a strong set of skills.

“I want someone who’s got energy. Somebody who can solve problems. And somebody who truly understands the mission of what we do in the Pacific,” Capt. Osgood said.

With a little more life experience than many at the career fair, Mildred Jacoby says she can take on any task as long as she gets the right training.

“Don’t be scared. Just go for it. You never know. As long as you do a good job, they’ll keep you,” Jacoby said.

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