Farrington High School auditorium repairs delayed

(Via KHON)

Farrington High School's auditorium remains out of commission after its roof collapsed in 2012.

Farrington High School’s auditorium remains out of commission after its roof collapsed in 2012.

KHON2 has learned that Farrington High School’s auditorium may not open for another two years.

In November 2012, a 40-foot section of the building’s roof collapsed following heavy rains. According to structural engineers, one of the steel trusses that created the room framing was inadequately designed.

The project to rebuild the auditorium has not yet gone out to bid, even though it was expected to do so by the end of last year. The school’s principal says he’s not entirely sure why.

“In a normal process, there are delays,” said principal Al Carganilla. “Even our new wing that came up, there were some delays, just the redesign phase and the building.”

The age of the building may be a factor. It was built in 1954 and is eligible to be on the state Register of Historic Places.

“Farrington High School is center of the community and it really tells an important story about the area around it,” said Mike Gushard, acting architecture branch chief, state Historic Preservation Division.

“There was a historical preservation that we had to make sure that we worked with… to see what needed to be kept and what we could modify,” Carganilla said. “For the most part in the redesign phase, they were very accommodating with what our needs are as a school, so they’ve tried to incorporate things in there as far as having extra space, having dressing rooms for our kids.”

The auditorium has been out of commission since the collapse. “Not only are our kids are suffering from it, our community’s suffering, because we were basically the center of our community, we had events here,” Carganilla said.

Events have been held in other parts of campus and at other schools instead.

Carganilla says a pre-bid meeting will be held soon.

“We just want to make sure we do it right,” Carganilla said. “As long as we can go through the process and do it right, in the end, I think everyone will benefit from it.”

On Monday, Gov. Abercrombie released more than $36 million to improve and maintain facilities and infrastructure at various schools across the state, including Farrington High School.

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