Caught on camera: Police draw guns on car theft suspects

(Via KHON)

Surveillance cameras show that around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Honolulu police officers converged around a green Honda with guns drawn. Inside the car were two men who were arrested. Another suspect, a woman, had left the same car before police arrived and went inside a business.

“When police came by, they asked our employee to lock the door so that nobody else could get in or out,” Kalihi business owner Gene Simeona said.

She might have been able to get away, but police officers got a hold of surveillance cameras that showed her coming out of the car.

“They asked permission to get the footage to try and get more information so that they could arrest or do what they had to do for the situation,” Simeona said.

That green Honda is the same car used in an attempted robbery Monday afternoon at a store on Sheridan Street. A witness confirmed that it had the same license plate number.

Surveillance footage from the store shows two hooded men wearing masks walking in with guns drawn. One of them closes the door while the other goes behind the counter for the cash register.

“I asked him, ‘You need money?’ But he never says nothing. He only like this open,” Simeona said.

The store owner says the man behind the counter tried to open the cash register, but couldn’t. The customer inside the store takes off, and so the two suspects ran out, and took off and didn’t take anything.

Police have been investigating a rash of armed robberies at small stores around Oahu for the past couple of months. KHON2 obtained footage of a Kalihi robbery last month. Police say there were three suspects on this one and two were wearing masks.

The woman arrested Tuesday was booked for auto theft. The two men were arrested for firearms and drug charges, along with breaking into a car.

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