TRICARE Online medical appointment reminders for military emphasized

(Via Ho’okele News)

Have you or your family members ever missed a medical appointment at the 15th Medical Group (MDG)? Would a text-message or e-mail reminder have helped you remember? If you answered yes to either of these questions, 15th Medical Group has a solution.

TRICARE Online (TOL), which allows 15th Medical Group beneficiaries the ability to schedule, cancel and view appointments from any computer via the Internet, now offers beneficiaries the ability to receive appointment reminders via email or text.

Some users may have encountered difficulty using TOL in the past. However, through recent upgrades, access to TOL has been simplified from six log-in steps to two, and the unique 15-digit password has been eliminated.

Eligible beneficiaries can now log in using a password, their common access card, DFAS myPay login or premium DoD self-service login account. Once logged in, users have the option to define up to three e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers to receive appointment reminders for primary care and self-referral specialty care appointments.

Appointment reminders work for any appointment, regardless of booking mechanism. TOL users can receive reminders for appointments booked via TOL, those booked in person at the 15 MDG, and even appointments booked through the central appointments line at 448-6000.

Users receive a confirmation e-mail and/or text message when booking the appointment, a reminder up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, and again, two hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

E-mail and text message reminders are also a convenient way to communicate medical appointments to other family members and/or caretakers. If you register for text message reminders, normal text message rates may apply. Clients should contact their servicing cellular provider if they have questions.

How do you sign up for appointment reminders? If you are not a registered TOL user, you will need to sign up for an account first. New or existing users will be prompted automatically to set up appointment reminders after they book an appointment on TOL. They can also review, change or activate reminder settings by following the instructions below:

• Go to the TOL home page located at
• Log in to TOL using CAC, Premium DS Logon or DFAS myPay account.
• Click “my profile” in top navigation bar.
• Complete the four red asterisk boxes (primary email, confirm primary email, zip code and service affiliation).
• For the TRICARE Region box, ensure that “Region 19-West” is selected.
• For the MTF box, ensure that “15th Med Grp-Hickam” is selected. • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the “appointment reminders” section.
• Complete requested fields and click “submit” button.

If you experience technical difficulties when trying to register for a TOL account or set up your appointment reminders, click the “contact us” link on TRICARE online or call the Military Health System Service Desk at 1-800-600-9332.

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