Traps are set for coconut rhinoceros beetle

(Via Ho’okele News)

Black cross-vein traps have been placed in trees to catch the coconut rhinoceros beetles. Photo courtesy of State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs

Efforts are underway to determine the extent of coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB) infestation on Oahu. This is done with a combination of methods, including visually surveying for feeding damage in coconut trees and manila palms, searching through mulch and green waste piles for larvae, and by placing a variety of trap types that lure and capture adult beetles if theyare in the area. Some of these traps may be placed in Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam communities.

Residents may see black cross-vein traps high in trees (as pictured) as part of the survey program. The traps are not harmful to people or pets. They contain a beetle pheromone patch that attracts the beetles which fall into the white container and are trapped there. These traps will be checked by crews every few days for adult rhino beetles, which can fly.

Buckets may also be attached to trees, which operate in a similar manner. In addition, large barrel or garbage can traps are being constructed to trap beetles. The inside of these containers have composting material which is attractive to beetles looking to lay eggs. The same pheromone is also attached inside the lid of the container. There are no hazards regarding the contents of these traps, but it is important that they not be disturbed.

Residents can report any sighting of rhino beetles to the state pest hotline at 643-PEST (643-7378). If anyone finds a beetle and is willing to capture it in a bag or jar, place it in a freezer to kill it and contact the number above.

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