Restoration adds luster to Battleship Missouri experience

(Via Ho’okele News)

The USS Missouri's executive officer was second-in-command and the size of the stateroom conveyed the importance of the duties involved in running the battleship. It is one of 13 "Officers Country" staterooms that have been restored to inspection-ready condition. Photo by Dwight Okumoto

Battleship Missouri Memorial Association

Guests touring the Battleship Missouri Memorial now have a greater appreciation of how officers of the retired USS Missouri lived while serving at sea, following a $57,000 restoration of their former staterooms.

Known as “Officers Country” and located adjacent to the battleship’s wardroom where many historical exhibits are displayed, the 13 staterooms have been restored to immaculate “inspection-ready” condition.

The staterooms now appear as they did for the USS Missouri’s final mission on Dec. 7, 1991, when the “Mighty Mo” was berthed in Pearl Harbor near the USS Arizona Memorial for the 50th anniversary ceremony commemorating the attack by Imperial Japan that thrust the United States into World War II. The USS Missouri was then retired and decommissioned for the final time on March 31, 1992.

The sleeping quarters for the USS Missouri's executive officer adjoins the main area of the stateroom. Visitors now get a close up view of the entire stateroom. Photo by Dwight Okumoto

“We’re constantly working to improve the visitor experience aboard the Missouri and the restoration of ‘Officers Country’ exemplifies our dedication to preserve the memory of this majestic battleship and honor our armed forces,” said Michael A. Carr, president and chief operating officer of the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

“As proud as we are of the refurbishment, we want guests to see and understand how officers lived when leading our naval forces into battle around the world.”

Funded by the USS Missouri Memorial Association, caretaker of the Battleship Missouri Memorial, the restoration provides guests with a real-life sense as to how the USS Missouri’s officers lived and worked while in their state-rooms.

For more information, call toll-free 1-877-644-4896 or visit

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